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7 Hiring Mistakes Small Business Owners Should Avoid

Do you believe that good help is hard to find? Hiring a new team member can be a daunting and overwhelming task for business owners. Finding the right candidate takes an investment of time, effort, energy, and resources. Bad hires are costly to your business. Not only...

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3 Tips For Building An Exceptional Team

Employees are the heart and soul of your business. After all, a business is only as strong and experienced as its team. The success of your business is in the hands of your people. They take hundreds – possibly thousands – of actions on your behalf every day, and if...

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How to Have More Time in Just 5 Easy Steps

Have you ever planned for a productive day, but when the day is over your to-do list seems no different than when you got started or worse yet… it’s grown? This doesn’t mean you’re lazy or incompetent; what it means is that you may want to work on your...

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5 Simple Ways To Lead A Life You Love

Leading a life you love is the last step in my Soulful Business System. It’s important to note that although I’ve been introducing this system to you step by step, none of the steps stand alone. They all work together so that you can create a SOULFUL life and...

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Want to Be Open to Recognize Your Power? Here’s How.

What does it mean to be open to recognizing your power? To me, it means living at your soul’s full capacity and understanding who you are and how you show up for yourself in your life. It can be challenging to stand in our inner power, especially when there are so...

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