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Kathy Knowles,
the Soulful Business Mentor ™,

is a former top-level HR Director turned entrepreneur who understands the challenges of leaving behind a successful yet uninspiring six-figure career to build a more soul-satisfying business and life – without sacrificing integrity, income or sanity.

And she wants to share all her secrets with YOU.

Weekly messages to bring you inspiration, success, and happiness.

– My Story –

Where I come from…

When I was a child in a small Northern Indiana town, one of my jobs on my family’s farm was to help my father in our fields. I saw the painstaking methodology behind planting seeds. I watched as my father nurtured the seeds once planted, offering them strength and protection in the form of fertilizers and water. I witnessed the plants sprout and grow, and helped to harvest what had grown to nourish our customers. It was a long game; it demanded patience and dedication no matter the weather, no matter what else was going on in our lives. We farmed based on our intuition and took our cues from the nature around us. I knew that despite not being able to control the results, we would still do the hard work demanded of us.

It was only when I became an adult and encountered the myriad of challenges awaiting me that I understood the lessons of growing up on the farm. After two decades cultivating the human resources arm of an award-winning company, my path led me to become a Certified Professional Coach and conduct intuitive coaching for business owners and creative entrepreneurs. The deep inner work required to make changes in our lives is not easy. It’s a commitment, a dedication, and a service to ourselves – much like farming.

“After working with Kathy, I believe in myself and my intuition. I now look at the craziness in my life as a learning experience which gives me a completely new perspective.”
– Lisa King

How I knew it was time to make a change…

2014 was a pivotal year for me. I lost four significant people in my life and my son flew the nest. Now, this is not to make you feel sorry for me, my father had a good life, my father-in-law had a good life and my two brother-in-laws were very sick with cancer so they just couldn’t stay. I knew and understood all of that, it was painful but I was peaceful.

Suddenly, it seemed VERY important to stop putting my dreams on the back burner for ‘someday’… and to start living my best life TODAY.

I spent 23 mostly happy years as a senior HR director in an award-winning company and I loved it (a role I’d always enjoyed). However with these losses I started paying attention to how little time I was spending with the people I really love, life was revolving around work and my soulful, independent side was searching for expression and greater creativity.

Deep in my heart I knew it was time to make some big changes.

“Kathy is an excellent coach. She is very clear on her approach to coaching and this helped me to set complete goals, and also to strive to clarify my direction in my new business venture.”
– Anne Adams

What made it possible…

In my mind’s eye I clearly saw my perfect business… designed to run from my home office, flexible enough to incorporate regular getaways with my husband in our RV, and creative enough to put my existing skill set to good use in new, more intuitive and soul-satisfying ways.

The wonderful thing was that I was already several steps into my own Soulful Business Blueprint ™.

What I learned was how to handle unexpected surprises and what needed to be put into place up front. It didn’t all go perfectly and yet I was able to course correct to overcome challenges and begin to create a step-by-step system that now lies at the heart of Intuitive Strategies.

“Kathy constantly holds the vision for me. During those times when I become overwhelmed Kathy is the first person I call. She immediately helps me to regain my focus and accomplish what is most important. She also has a very strong ability to intuitively (and accurately) see the outcome ~ this is what sets her abilities apart from other coaches I’ve worked with.”
– Melissa Serna

A Note From Kathy

My passion is to work with motivated, soul-driven business owners and creative entrepreneurs like you and me who want MORE… it gives me joy to help you achieve a better work/life balance, the ability to match or even exceed your current income without sacrificing your lifestyle, and a deeper CONNECTION with your soul. I did it… I know you can too.

So, if you’re OVER feeling stressed out, under-appreciated or at odds with the life you imagined for yourself… and you’re ready to take back control of your future, then we may be a great match to work together.

“Live the way your SOUL wants you to live.”

~ Kathy Knowles

Qualifications and Accomplishments

– Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with the International Coaching Academy
– Founding Circle for John Maxwell’s leadership training
– Master level in Reiki and Karuna curriculum
– Studied with Sally Baldwin and Laura Day (Intuitive Thought Leaders), Thich Nhat Hanh (Buddhist Monk) and other spiritual teachers
– Over 20 years of human resources experience with an award-winning company
– Recognized by the South Florida Business Journal as human resource leader
– Completed Disney Institute training on customer service, wellness and leadership topics

Soulful Business Blueprint

Kathy and her team share proven strategies and formulas with you to establish a growth strategy that makes more money and frees more time for you (plus insights from her 20 years’ experience of maximizing people and potential as an HR Director) to give business owners and entrepreneurs a true advantage in creating their own heart and soul-driven business.

Her mission is to help more business owners and entrepreneurs create a life and business they love without sacrificing integrity, income or sanity. After all … you don’t just want to make a living you want to make a difference.

If you’re ready to take action and want to schedule a time to speak with Kathy directly… Schedule your confidential, complimentary Soulful Discovery Session to explore your custom solution to up level your business…


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