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Kathy Knowles is an expert at helping business owners live, love and work soulfully. Engage and inspire audiences with Kathy’s tips on navigating big life changes, building a dream business, and creating a life of intention and design.

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  • Professional Organization Events
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  • Business Retreats
  • Leadership Gatherings
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Kathy can speak on the following topics:

Why Your Business Is Stealing Your Soul: The 7-Step System for Creating More Purpose, Profits and Possibilities

Feel like you’re failing? Like you can’t get it “right?” Like you keep starting over every few months, with a completely new business growth plan? Break the cycle, strategize your journey, and forge your leadership path towards soulful business success with expert tips & tricks you can start using right away.


  • Strategize Your Journey
  • Open to Recognizing Your Strengths
  • Unearth Your Devoted Employees
  • Listen to Your True Self
  • Forge Your Leadership Path
  • Uncover Your Loyal Clients
  • Lead a Life You Design


Client loyalty, team synergy, innovation, productivity, leadership, earning made easier.


What’s different about being an entrepreneur? Everything! Learn the secrets of building a joyful, successful and soulful business as an entrepreneur.

Many of the entrepreneur’s I work with are highly creative, they are authors, speakers, artists and performers.


Developing a “business intuition,” decision-making, business planning, leadership.

Leave perfectionism and procrastination behind. It’s time to build the soulful business of your dreams, with Kathy’s essential how-to’s on everything from attracting clients to increasing profits.


Avoiding entrepreneur pitfalls, planning for success, getting clients, business profitability.

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