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From private training sessions to breakouts to public workshops to conference keynotes, businesses and entrepreneurs have learned and laughed through Kathy’s People adventures. Her talks are based on real life stories that have helped her clients master Hiring, Team Engagement, and Leadership. Kathy engages, educates, and entertains audiences to make a difference in their business, their life and in their community.

Most Popular Keynotes:

Why Your Business Is Stealing Your Soul: The 7-Step System for Creating More Purpose, Profits and Possibilities

Feel like you’re failing? Like you can’t get it “right?” Like you keep starting over every few months, with a completely new business growth plan? Break the cycle, strategize your journey, and forge your leadership path towards soulful business success with expert tips & tricks you can start using right away.


  • Strategize Your Journey
  • Open to Recognizing Your Strengths
  • Unearth Your Devoted Employees
  • Listen to Your True Self
  • Forge Your Leadership Path
  • Uncover Your Loyal Clients
  • Lead a Life You Design


Client loyalty, team synergy, innovation, productivity, leadership, earning made easier.

Hiring Right The First Time – 3 Key Elements To Building The Team You Need

Isn’t it time to take the guesswork and headache out of hiring? Regardless if this is your 1st or 10th hire we want you to do it the right way. Based on our Find & Fill Formula there are three key elements all built to streamline the process of finding, selecting, and cultivating your exceptional team!


The power of a vision and mission, clarity is king, the interview is not a conversation it’s a story, leading from the start.

The More You Do The Less You Lead – How To Build and Inspire Accountable Teams

Many small business owners don’t think of themselves as a CEO. Instead they think of themselves as sort of a commander and chief multi-tasker. We can’t do it all and when we try we hit a limit on the growth of the business and our energy.


Avoiding CEO pitfalls, hiring right, team building, planning for success, working ON your business.


What’s different about being an entrepreneur? Everything! Learn the secrets of building a joyful, successful and soulful business as an entrepreneur.

Many of the entrepreneur’s I work with are highly creative, they are authors, speakers, artists and performers.


Developing a “business intuition,” decision-making, business planning, leadership.

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