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Intuitive Strategies Business Needs Assessment for Strategy Session


Please fill out the information below and we will set up a time to speak. This Needs Assessment Form will allow us to serve you better during our time together. Our call will help you find more qualified, amazing team members and gain new loyal clients.

First Name *

Last Name *

State or Province *

Email *

Phone Number *

Website *

How did you find our company?

* If referred, name of person or business who referred you.

How long have you been in business?

What's your “Big Vision”? (goals for your business in the next 12 months and beyond) *

What type of services are you most interested in? (Check all that apply)

Business Growth PlanHiring Right The First TimeTeam BuildingGaining Loyal ClientsCombinationNot Sure

What’s going on in your business that tells you that you need support?

I’ve reached a level of success I’m proud of and I’m ready to take my business to the next level.I’d like to create, implement, or improve on a system for gaining more loyal clients.I’m already operating my business at “full steam”, but have no time to expand my vision.I need to strategically hire to build a team and grow my business.I have a team but it doesn’t seem to be working and I don’t know what to do about it.I’d like to have systems, processes, templates, and checklists to make expanding my team and my business easy.I’m just starting my business and need to create start-up processes and systems to generate revenue.

Is there anything else that we need to know about your goals or challenges to further help you?

What has gotten in the way or stopped you from having these things managed?

Overwhelm (too much to do, too little time – not sure where to start)Lack of clarity (what needs to be done, how to do it and/or in what order)Lack of timeNot enough helpAll of the aboveOther *

* If other, enter information here.

What are the consequences if you are unable to overcome these challenges? What will happen in your business? How will it impact your life overall?

What could your business look like if you master your challenges? What would the best-case scenario be if you could achieve the outcome you desire?

What non-revenue generating parts of your workload do you find take up most of your time, attention, and energy?

Do you have a proved system for hiring and team-building so that you can gain loyal clients and expand your business? If so, what is it? If not, how are you spending your time to gaining more clients?

How ready and willing are you to invest time, energy, and resources into increasing your loyal clients and having a reliable hiring process and team in place to grow your organization so you have more time to do what it is that you want to do?
(Scale 1 – 10: 1 = Not at all, 10 = VERY READY)


What was your last year’s revenue total?

What is your total revenue goal for this next 12 months?

How would having a higher loyal client base and reliable team impact your business in the next 12 months?